Moonrocks for you and your customers.



Travelers are always on the move with few places to charge their phones. Hotels, guest houses and tourist attractions are perfect places to buy or sell Moonrocks.


Its 9pm and you are sitting on 2% battery? You'll be needing a Moonrock to sort you out for the night and make sure you end up home safe.

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Arts & Culture

We all know how important it is to be connected when you're at a live concert or a music festival far away from home. Just grab a Moonrock.  


Sport can be timely and sometimes our phones can't keep up. Whether you are cycling, mountaineering or on the ocean, we'll help you staying in touch.

Urban living

Cities are fast paced, extremely busy places where people move around constantly between malls, universities, airports, libraries or even theme parks. 

Outdoors Adventures 

Planning an over-night camping adventure, a hiking trip or a day at the beach? Pack a Moonrock in to make sure you can stay in touch, and get that perfect photo.



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If you are constantly on the go from meetings to events and away from your comfortable charging station for too long. We've got you covered. 


This is probably the most important reason to keep a Moonrock on you at all times. Being able to call emergency services or someone you love isn't worth risking. 


What is a Moonrock? 

A Moonrock is a one-time emergency smartphone charger you can purchase at Moonrock Merchants around South Africa to keep you connected when you're running low on battery power.

Moonrocks are compatible with selected iPhone, Android and almost any device powered by Micro-USB. Depending on the mobile device you are using, each Moonrock will charge your phone between 20-40% in less than 40 minutes. 


Stay in touch.

Message us on Instagram at @Moonrock_Company and tell us how a Moonrock could help you.

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Did you know?

Moonrocks can charge any device powered by using a Micro-USB.

Some of the most popular devices include e-cigarettes, wireless headphones, virtual reality headsets, portable speakers, gaming console controllers and even small drones from popular brands such as Beats By Dre, Bose, DJIJBLSamsung, Sony and PlayStation.


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