1. How long does a Moonrock charge my smartphone?

A Moonrock charges your smartphone for up to 45 minutes.


2. How do I know when the Moonrock is finished charging my smartphone?

When the blue light on the Moonrock starts flashing the unit is finished charging your smartphone.


3. How much extra battery life will a Moonrock give my smartphone?

Depending on use and device a Moonrock will provide an additional 20 – 40% battery for your smartphone.


4. How to get the most efficient charge from a Moonrock for my smartphone?

If you set your phone to “flight mode” during the charging period, you are guaranteed to get a more effective charge for your smartphone.


5. What do I do with a used Moonrock?

A used Moonrock must be returned to the merchant where it was rented.


6. What is a Moonrock Special Merchant?

Moonrock Special Merchants are establishments that have joined our mission to create a gifting society. By returning your used Moonrock at a Moonrock Special Merchants you will be rewarded with anything from a free shot, half price on a drink or meal discounts.


7. Can I keep my Moonrock?

No. Moonrocks can only be rented and are property of the Merchants where they are rented. A R100 penalty will be incurred on units that are not returned.