1. What is the plastic strip next to the input on my Moonrock?

The small plastic strip is known as the “activation strip.” By removing it you will activate the battery of the emergency smartphone charger to give you the charge you need.


2. How long does a Moonrock charge my smartphone?

A Moonrock charges your smartphone for 30 – 40 minutes.


3. How do I know when the Moonrock is finished charging my smartphone?

When the charging bolt symbol flashes on and off or completely stops showing it means the unit is finished charging your smartphone.


4. How much extra battery life will a moonrock give my smartphone?

Depending on use, a Moonrock will provide an additional 20 – 40% battery for your smartphone.


5. How to get the most efficient charge from a Moonrock for my smartphone?

If you set your phone to “flight mode” during the 30 – 40-minute charge period, you are guaranteed to get a more effective charge for your smartphone.


6. What do I do with a used Moonrock?

A used Moonrock can be recycled or taken to a Moonrock Special Merchant.


7. What is a Moonrock Special Merchant?

Moonrock Special Merchants are Bars/Restaurants/Club that have joined our mission to create a gifting society. By taking your used Moonrock to one of our Moonrock Special Merchants you will be rewarded with anything from a free shot, half price on a drink or meal discounts.


8. Can I use my Moonrock more than once?

Even though Moonrocks are one-time chargers, if you disconnect them from your Smartphone before the Moonrock's battery is completely drained and you reinsert the "Activation strip", you can save your Moonrock for another emergency charge.