Moonrock CI Guide-28.png

Step 1: RENT

Rent a Moonrock at any participating merchant for when you need to stay in touch.

Step 2: USE

When your phone's battery has run out, just plug and play. A Moonrock will give you 20-40% extra battery life.

Step 3: RETURN

Return your Moonrock to the participating Moonrock Special Merchant. View the list here.

Step 4: ENJOY

Claim your special with the waitron or bartender. Each participating merchant has a unique special - just ask!


Terms and conditions 

  1. Only Moonrock Special Merchants marked with a ★ (on this page) take part in this promotion.

  2. All specials and free items are at full discretion of the participating merchant.

  3. Specials may change over time.

  4. Only one special per person for each used Moonrock returned.